When you commission us you will need to decide on the style of video you would like. We can help advise with this but here are the most common styles adopted.


A presenter lead film is ideal if you want to create a 'TV style' feel to the video. Working with our presenters also helps if you are not that sure about you the filming process or new to video.


A client lead film means that we use your voice or staff as the soundtrack to the film. In many cases we still use an interviewer to help guide you and bring out your key points but you are in the driving seat.


Do you have a lot of satisfied customers? You can involve them and let them speak about your business and how happy they are with your products or service. Nothing works better than a recommendation. People mostly try a new product when it’s recommended by a good friend.

Tip: Choose a natural-looking and believable person with whom the average customer can identify and let them speak about the advantages of your product and why they like it.


Using just a voiceover is a fast & effective way to produce a promotional video. If the video is technical in nature a voiceover is ideal using a pre planned and detailed script. This style also works if you have to edit the film in a variety of languages.


We did not produce this example. A viral video doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with your company, but they attract a lot of viewers. That’s the strategy behind them. People like to share it because it’s funny, shocking or just something new. What could be more convenient than that in terms of marketing?