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Five Facts You Should Know About Facebook Video

1) More than 1 billion video views per day.

2) More than 50% of people who visit Facebook daily, watches 1+ videos a day

3) Video posts have grown 75% globally from 1/1/13 to 11/1/14

4) The number of videos in News Feeds have increased 3.6X from 1/1/13 to 11/1/14

5) 76% of ​U.S. users say they tend to discover new videos on Facebook

Facebook Videos Provide More Engagement Than YouTube.

According to data from Socialbakers, a company that tracks social media data, Facebook Page owners now upload more videos directly to Facebook than they do to YouTube.

Until recently Facebook was not considered a destination for hosting video. Everyone used YouTube but things are changing...

Last November, Facebook's share of video posts uploaded directly to Facebook overtook YouTube's videos on Facebook for the first time, according to Socialbakers' analysis of 20,000 Facebook Pages.

Why has this been happening? Marketers and companies are starting to realise there is more value in publishing a video directly to Facebook than there is uploading it to YouTube alone.

One of the benefits is that videos on Facebook automatically play as a user scrolls through their news feed. It means users are drawn to content rather than having to do the work of pressing play.

Importantly for advertisers, Facebook videos drive more engagement than YouTube videos.

So what does Facebook offer that YouTube does not?

1) Facebook videos are more natural to share and interact with.

2) They appear in the news feed.

3) Discussions in the comments are with your friends rather than strangers.

Last Christmas John Lewis uploaded its Christmas advert directly to Facebook for the first time. Data showed that 24 hours after it was launched, 40% of its views were on Facebook, where as last year the views all went to YouTube. The Facebook video also dominated in terms of shareability. In the first day after launch, the Facebook video attracted 76.9% of the social media shares versus 23.1% for YouTube. We are seeing this trend across our clients.

YouTube still dominates in terms of video uploads and views but while YouTube is still clearly the dominant player in online video, Facebook continues to aggressively nip at its heels.

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